Sunday, 3 August 2014

Eid Festival 2014 in London


5th Syawal 2014 (2nd August 2014), the Mayor of London held an Eid Festival at Trafalgar Square...I came across this event at FB under the Education Malaysia United Kingdom & Ireland group page...what intrigue me to go is that because this is the first time that I will join event held at Trafalgar Square...last year around October, Malaysia Tourism held an event there but I couldn't manage to join as I wasn't in UK yet...huhu... am I not intrigue to join this...haha ^_^

me & my bestie reached there around 1.30pm...there were crazily soooo many stalls! pfftt~~~

there were even Malaysia Demo Cooking stalls but by the time we arrived at the stall, they just finish one demonstration, which is Bihun Goreng...we stand there with the hope we can get a chance to taste it, but it took so long so we left...huhu...

our aim to buy some Malaysian foods were also stunted when the queue is sooo long...haish~~ -_-'

this photo were taken beside one of the Malaysia food stall...see, who say that only Malaysian knows how to grilled satay :p ahaks!

this stall was the first stall that we went to once we arrived...we were wondering why there is suddenly quite a queue infront of the stall...when we knew that there is free calligraphy distributed at this stall, we queue as well...hehehe...I'm so excited!

this was the calligraphy ^_^v
my name ZAHIRRAH written in Arabic alphabet >_< 

first I wanted to try the henna on my hand, but then since its the pattern type henna, my bestie prohibited me of doing so =_="

dare to sign up your name? hahaha...
this is the match-making Muslim stall...nice right? eh! :p


this was inside the Photography Exhibition stall...the exhibition portray all the pictures of RAMADHAN PEAK VIEW in some countries...I am standing infront of the poster in India & my bestie standing infront of the poster in Palestine :)

finish touring to all the stalls, me & my bestie had a coconut water fresh from Crosta Rica...nice~ :D

wana know how crowded Trafalgar Square was because of this Ed Festival?

Alhamdulillah the weather that day was not so hot...just nice eventhough we did sweat a bit! haha ^_^v

Malaysian flag at the top of the building...can you see it? ^_^'
thats the Malaysia Tourism building :D

as long as we are at the Chinatown area, it is like a must for us to go and eat at my bestie's aunt restaurant...hehe...this time I had Nasi Lemak with Sambal Ikan & Air Bandung...nyummss~ Alhamdulillah

overall, I love this Eid Festival! I bought some Malaysia products since there was Malaysia Product stalls at the festival...insanely its way cheaper than at Oriental shop...for example at the festival the Maggi Chilli Sauce is only £1 but in Oriental it costs me £1.69! what!! fuhh~~ haha...but there was only 1 product that catch our eyes immediately! Hup Seng biscuits! have tried to search for it but couldn't it in any shop here in London...we only bought one & by the time we reached home, we make hot tea, in just a split of minutes, Hup Seng biscuits already finish...  -_-" need more~~

now its time to focus on my thesis writing ^_^v

Bye~ ^_^v

p/s: will be a long day for me tomorrow............

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