Monday, 11 August 2014

Melur Restaurant, Edgware Road, London


On 13th Syawal, last Saturday I went for an open house held by my bestie's friend, Kak Jannah at Shepherds Bush...the open house actually from 1pm-4pm, but because we were too lazy to go early, we end up went there at 3pm..ihiks >.<

upon reaching there, there were no one except me & my bestie...while eating, more people keep coming in...yeay! the more the merrier~ :D
end up the open house was so havoc & I end up making new it! 

there were variety of menus served by Kak Jannah...soto, ketupat & kuah kacang, salad, rice & rendang daging & freshly baked marble cake! nyumms~ Alhamdulillah... ^_^v

it was so entertaining with Auntie Ros jokes & the way she speaks Penang havoc! haha

tq Kak Jannah (sitting first from the left) for the invitation and tq for the rest of my new friends, Auntie Ros (sorry for the additional items on your head...huhu), Auntie Asiah, Ubaidillah, Nurrul Iman (sit next to me) & Khairin...nice meeting u guys! we shall keep in touch alwayz...  ^.^

next, my destination was to my friend house at my house area to fetch my old friend from Sains Seri Puteri (my previous boarding school) for a dinner...she just landed in London that day with her husband and they stay at my friend house since my house is just a studio room & can't accommodate more than 2 persons + she brings her husband...hehehe
I'm quite excited coz it has been looooong time since I meet up with my SESERI friends! :D

I bring her for dinner at a restaurant that even I have never been before...its all based on my Malay friends review here in London...the restaurant called Melur Restaurant situated at Edgware can ride on Circle line or District line or Hammersmith & City line and hop off at Edgware took 2 minutes walk from the station to the restaurant :D

mini reunion of me with my SESERI friend (\^.^/)v

variety of Malaysia cuisines

lets check out foods that we ordered...

Bandung for our drinks...since there were 4 of us so we order a jug of Bandung for £8

this chips comes as a complimentary meal...

tom yum soup
this is the not-so-best part of it...apparently we ordered the same thing...we ordered 2 mix tom yum soup with the the initial plan of sharing it...but we were so disappointed with the portion! these were the only ingredients in the tom yum bowl; a small piece of the chicken, a tomato & a prawn! r u kidding me!? maybe we make a mistake of planning to share it eventhough it didnt state that its for 2 persons meal, but still if its for 1 person, do u think its enough?!
but indeed the taste is not bad at all...I admit that...the taste is superb! but they really need to add the ingredients tough...positively its not enough even for a person! -_-'

since the tom yum portion really can't fit in, so we add Ikan Asam Pedas (forgot to snap the pix)...the taste is superb as well...they didnt use the whole fish but instead fillets complain for that! heee~

this was my bestie...Lemon Ice Cake...nice though...can taste the lemon... :D

I'm a bit aggrieved that day...should bring her to the restaurant that I have been to...lesson for myself...huhu
but Alhamdulillah that the taste was not disappointing at all...^_^v

since they just landed & we were a bit tired as well, so we headed back home...oh btw my friend came to London from Japan for a Europe tour with her husband...they will cover London for a few days before headed to Paris and other countries...she is studying in Japan actually ^.^v

hope you have a pleasant stay in London & have a safe trip for your Europe tour Athirah!

Bye~ ^_^v

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