Sunday, 3 August 2014

Jalan-Jalan Raya London ^_^v


Alhamdulillah...praise to Allah that I manage to fast for 20 hours this Ramadhan which marked my first Ramadhan abroad without my family and with the longest hours of fasting in my life...pfftt =_='

the night before 1st Syawal, I didn't sleep because busy skyping with my family due to 7 hours time difference...ngegege~~ so I waited them to skype with me as if I was there celebrating Syawal with la familia~ ^_^v

since I didn't sleep, I woke up quite early & headed to Malaysian High Commission at Belgrave Square by underground tube and then took a bus to Hyde Park corner and from there we walk to the Malaysian High Commission building...we were a bit late that day since when we arrived, they already started with the Sembahyang Raya (Eid Prayer)...I knew before hand that the prayer will start at 9am, but we didn't expect to get lost of finding the bus station to go to Hyde Park Corner...lolz!...but we manage to catch the prayer before its end...pfftt~ =_='

Eid crowded...luckily we manage to get a my bestie! (red arrow) :D

after the Eid prayer, we headed to the lower ground where they serve foods...that's what I'm waiting for! eh! :p

people are queuing for the food! sooo many people! pfftt...actually there were quite many people were waiting at the upper level because they don't know that they can take the food already...we were quite lucky because by the time I finish eating, the queue becomes longeeerrrr~~   -_-"

selfie while queuing...I don't usually selfie, but when I do, people photobomb my photo~ =_=' lolz

ranges of food...nyummss...

while waiting for my other friends finish eating, me & my bestie hang up at the upper level...

then we saw TV3, Malaysia local broadcasting channel interviewing people...hehe :D

now then I know that there are many Malaysian here in London ^_^
usually I can't distinct them, but today, with the colorful Baju Melayu & Baju Kurung, I obviously can...hahaha

Imperial College London group

these were the friends I was waiting for to go for Jalan-Jalan Raya around London >_<

the first destination for our photoshoot was at Hyde Park Corner! sadly I only have one pix at Hyde Park Corner...the rest were with my friend coz they have DSLR~ huhu

the best part was that, when we were walking around London, the locals here will stare at us! ahaks...the feeling, no one can tell ^_^v

the very first time in my life, celebrate Eid using public transport! both buses & tubes...ahaks! that feeling~~

I attend quite a few open house that day...the first one was in Mile End, my friend's friend house called Elsa Cottages...only in London...hahahaha >_<'
since I am not feeling good, stomach ache, so I ate lil bit although they served Nasi Kerabu which you can't find it here! aghh stress...haha...but nvw~

second house was the people in the above pix house...actually they were housemates, so I only attend 1 house but consist all of the above...hahahaha...easier right? their house situated at Bayswater...I love the surrounding & the house...thought of living there for my PhD later ^_^v
they served a lot of food as the time I reached there, my stomach feels good...

I ate rendang, ketupat, pulut kuning, chocolate cake, variety of kuih....

AND the best part was that they served satay! my favvy food! ihiks! tq guys!

by the time I leave their house, its already 5.30pm+, so me & my bestie headed to Chinatown to go to my bestie's aunt restaurant called Kuala Lumpur Cafe...

here her aunt served us lontong (the best!), ketupat, rendang, kuih and lots more...Alhamdulillah...before we leave, she "tapau" us more! tq aunty! ^_^v

my bestie aunt...I really do feel like I am with a "Datin"...haha

the last destination was to my house area at Du Cane...I did told you guys at my very previous post that my housing area consist a lot of Malaysian staying with their one of the residents there invited us for their open house held by all the Malaysian families there...they actually held it every year...we were supposed to bring Kuah Kacang as we were assigned to bring that dish...but we sincerely couldn't manage to prepare we served the "tapau" food that we got from my bestie aunt restaurant...pfftt~ haha

to conclude, we finish our Raya tour around 8.30pm & headed back to my house which is just 5 minutes from the last house...upon reaching my house, we prepare to catch a train to go to Sheffield...yes u heard me! on the same day to Sheffield...y?? to visit our friends & my cousin who is staying there with his family

we arrived Sheffield around 1.30am...straight to my friends house & have a good night sleep...hehehe...

the next day, they were all toooo busy writing up their dissertation as its due soon in we celebrate Eid at their house...some of them, Damia & Ain were actually in the lab by the time we woke up...but so nice of them to come back for a while to visit us before we headed back to my cousin's house at Darnall...tq Damia & Ain!

from their house, my cousin pick us up & headed to his house aka my last house for my Jalan-Jalan Eid before I will be cage again in the lab...hahaha...

tq Abang Ajis & Kak Asnor for the nice dish and "tapau" wajid for us...hehe...till we meet again in London ya! ^_^v

then he sends us back to Sheffield station...our train ticket that day was at can be considered as one day trip right? haha...even my cousin thought that I'm gonna stay at his house for 1 day...huhu

that's how I spent my Eid 2014 in UK...the most precious memorable moments where I can't get it anywhere else ^_^v

how did you guys spend your Raya?

p/s: such a long entry right? hahaha...will be my reference to my grand-children, great-grand-children, great-great-grand-children, and the list goes on...kih3! ^_^v

Bye~ ^_^v

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