Saturday, 23 August 2014

Supermoon in London!


On Sunday, 10th of August, I manage to witness with my own eyes the
Supermoon phenomena >.<

this is the phenomena when the moon location is closest to the earth...luckily I manage to capture it because it only happen once in a while and this year it happens on the 10th of August and another time will be on 9th of September...maybe I will catch that phenomena again next month...hehehe 

since later that day I have another plan which is to celebrate my friend farewell party at Chinatown, so I decided to go look for Supermoon later at night so it will be more clear to capture the pix...

Jung Min (first from the right) is studying in National University of Singapore (NUS) but did a twinning study at London School of Economics (LSE) for a short course about 6 month and that day was her last day as on Monday she is going back to Singapore for me, my bestie and Li Sia (first from the left) held a small gathering at Chinatown...since she loves Malaysia food so much, so we brought her to Rasa Sayang Restaurant...initial plan was to bring her to my bestie's aunt restaurant, but when we arrived, the restaurant alredy close! -_-' 

its so funny how I knew bestie is the one who saw her first in the lift in my accommodation area...the same thing that happen when she was the first one as well to meet Li Sia...hahah...whenever she is in my studio, she kept bumping into people and make a new friends...hahaha...lolz...
but of course, Jung Min and Li Sia were the one that initiate the conversation with my Jung Min ask my bestie whether she is Malaysian because she is studying in Singapore so for sure she knew how Malaysian wear their scarf...the most prominent about Malaysian is how they wear their scarf...>.<
and my bestie bring her to my room and shockingly she is in the same level as mine...just a few rooms away from me and the most shockingly is that her room is just infront of Li Sia's room...kah3! :p

and that's how we make friends~ but sadly we didn't hang out quite often since we; me, my bestie and Li Sia were busy with our labwork...fuh~anyway, we still keep in contact thru whatsapp because Jung Min don't have FB...

after dinner, Li Sia and Jung Min went back home but me and my bestie hang out at Big Ben area for Supermoon...around 8.30pm then we spot the Supermoon phenomena

you can see how big is the the moon with the human standing at the bridge...big huh!?

and there goes to show off our photography creativity with the moon~~ :D

since its getting darker so we went back home...and then at Clapham Junction station, Subhanallah the moon was so beautiful~ oh I stop there since I am staying at my bestie house that day... =.=

the last one was my favvy! :D

it was fun indeed that day...chawww~~


p/s: updating my blog while taking a break from thesis writing...huhuhu...discussion part was the hardest of all...waaaa... -_-"

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