Monday, 20 October 2014

Driving License is now with new facelift!


I got my driving license when I was 20 years old (I guess)...right after I finish with my STPM, I live with my sister for 3 months because I went to the same driving class centre that my sister used to go when she got her's...while studying and attending driving class, I worked as a assistant teacher at Smart Reader Kids at Section 9, Shah Alam...with that weekly salary, I pay my driving class all together...thats was my first accomplishment in my life that I was so proud of (patting my own shoulder >.<)

once you have gone through your L (Leaner Probationary Drivers License) stage then you can change to domestic driving license which marked that you are now a "pro" as a driver (thats just my own definition :p)

the first card is the D (car) driving license then when it has expired, you need to renew the driving license and they will give you the second card (renewed license) depends on how long is the duration when you renew your driving license...I used to renew it every 2 whenever a JPJ people arrest you for maybe a road block, then you need to present to them these both cards as the first card has your picture on it and the second card has the date that shows you can still drive on the road since you have renew it

the renewed license (old version!)

BUT today I went to JPJ at Wangsa Maju to renew my license since it has expired last June...Oh btw, now whenever you renew your license, they will follow your BIRTHDAY...for example my birthday is 16/06 so if I renew it for 2 years, it will be from 16/06/2014-16/06/ it will be easier for you to remember when your driving license will expire...back to the story, they have change the method of renewing the license

this is the new version! ^_^

proper & nicer!

there is no more hassle of holding 2 driving license! now you only have 1...hehehe

I already knew this beforehand coz my bestie has renew hers last week so she showed it to me and she told me that I need to bring a passport photo for that...and I did but they didnt use it...I saw an announcement at the counter saying that if the picture in their system is still okay, they will just used that BUT to play safe, better if you bring your own passport photo with you...if not, as at JPJ Wangsa Maju they have a special booth for you to take pic...

I ask them to renew for 1 year but I dont know since when we cant renew our license for the duration of 1 year (as shown in the pic above I did renew it for 1 year duration)...the minimum now is 2 years...aiyaakkk! and so I renew it for 2 years and the cost is RM60...I want 1 year coz I am going back to UK soon, so it will be such a waste, but anyhow thats the rule -_-"

A good upgrade done by JPJ!


p/s: renew it after my mom nag at me...hihi @_@

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