Friday, 31 October 2014

Trip to Kuantan + Foodtrip!


one of my plans when I was in UK was to arrange a trip to Kuantan once I am back to Malaysia with 3 purposes which are to visit UIA Kuantan, photoshoot around UIA Kuantan with graduation robe and also foodtrip around Kuantan! and Alhamdulillah I manage to fullfil the plan with my bestie

so on the 25-28 of October I went to Kuantan with my bestie...first we went to MRSM Pekan to send off my niece and then we go to my friend house...upon reaching at her house, we perform our prayer and quickly we went out for dinner at Jungle...


                                Jungle                                                           my favvy chicken wing stall! 


                            Takoyaki                                                                      chicken wings 

our initial plan was to have our dinner at T-Jantek but since its closed, we changed it to Jungle...

we used to come here for dinner as well when we were an undergraduates at UIA Kuantan :D we bought the same dish that we used to order when we came here...reminiscing those moments~ anyway, the owner of the chicken wing stall still remember me! I am amaze! ^_^v

the next day, we began our day with Nasi Kukus Mama which me and my bestie were craving for when we were in UK!!!

they have change a lot! will tell you more in my next post...done with lunch, we head to UIA Kuantan for photoshooting~





Alhamdulillah I manage to meet a lot of people whom I wish that I could meet, and He granted my wish...I met Dr. Deny, Dr. Nooraslinda, Bro Zul, Kak Mai, few of my bestie friends which some of them are also my friends, we bumped into Hasna while photoshooting at Mahallah (during the last day), Fika Ayuni, Pak Cik Fadzil (owner Cafe Lot 4) and Pof. Ridzuan...unfortunately we didn't have the chance to meet Bro Danial and Kak Yat since they were away that day...we surely will meet again InsyaAllah one fine day~

done photoshooting, me and my bestie hang out with few of our friends and the best part is that we went to the new mahallah and it is soooooo beautiful! way better than mine and the previous students! to the new students and current students, you guys are sooo lucky, be grateful and take care of what you have been given now, thats what SRC have been fighting for years and has been granted! ^_^v

done visiting the new mahallah, we went to have our dinner at New Horizon Garden based on my bestie junior friend first, I always tell her that I really wana go to Tanjung Lumpur but since they recommended this restaurant and so we went there...its like a gathering dinner with my bestie friends...will review the food in another post! ngee~ :D

care much that I didnt go to T-jantek on the first day, me and my bestie went to T-jantek after we had our dinner at New Horizon Garden...this time we just ordered mango juice and pasta...just to drive away our craving at this restaurant...and the same thing happen! the waiter (which I suspect is the owner's son) still remember me when I go to him to pay the bills!!! oh can I not feel that I am attach to Kuantan so much~ -_-"



on the third day, the last day, we went to UIA Kuantan again and this time we photoshooting again but since it is too hot, at some point, we dont care much to wear the robe...ngaa~ =_=' and accidentally we met Prof. Ridzuan at Kuliyyah Allied Health Sciences...we talk and talk until we didnt really realise that its already so late! there goes my foodtrip to Pak Su & Mak Su one of my favvy spot for food, with the best sotong telup tepung and udang celup tepung! since its already late, so we decided to leave Kuantan without having any foodtrip anywhere...we just stop at Burger King infront of UIA and eat while driving...

UIA Kuantan has change so much! UIA even gonna have their own hospital which is just beside the campus itself and expected to be fully functional in 2016...I'm gonna come back and visit UIA again for sure! haha

I am sooooo gonna miss Kuantan so much! and I already feel it~ just started thinking to have another trip to Kuantan before go back to UK...huhu... :D


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