Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Sending off my niece to MRSM Pekan, Pahang


Hope its not too late for me to wish all my readers EID AL-ADHA! ^_^v

so I'm back to Malaysia on 4th of October around 9am at flight was at 12pm on 3rd October from Heathrow airport...but since it will be hard for Kak Haida's husband to send us off at the airport around 8am, so he sends us off around 5am in the morning so that he wont have to face off traffic jam on his way back...tq so much kak Haida and Abang Zul for the hospitality during our stay at your house! muchas gracias! ^_^v

so I sat at the airport for almost 6 hours before boarding...stated in the boarding pass that we can board around 11am, but a bit delayed happen there where we can only board the plane around 11.30am...

happy to see all my family member faces! almost a year I didn't met them...miss them like crazy! tq for coming!~ =_="

once arrived at the airport, the first place that I ask my family to bring me was to 'mamak' stall for 'roti canai'!!! haha...and the next day was Eid Al-Adha but since I was having very bad fever, flu and cough plus with jetlag, so I was asleep the whole day...wuwu~ its ok as long as I am beside them :D

the next day, my niece is going back to her boarding school at MRSM Tun Abdul Razak, Pekan, Pahang...since I have never been to her boarding school, so she insists me to follow her and send her off...I'm happy to follow ^_^v


we reached Kuantan around 1.30pm with the aim to go hunt for lunch as well as necessary things for my niece at Cowboy...but almost all stalls in Kuantan were closed...then it hits me that its Eid day, no wonder its closed! sigh~ so end up we found 1 restaurant at ECM, D O'asis Restaurant that was open and we had our lunch there...then since ECM is closer to Eng Hong than Cowboy, so we bought the things that my niece wants at Eng Hong...



I was a boarding school product as well but not MRSM instead I am a SBP product...she was so anxious to show me her room and wants me to compare hers to mine before...I admit that hers was nicer than mine...I used to share the dorm with 20 other students but hers only consists of 8 people in the same room...they have their own bed and mine was double-deck bed back then...they even have study table in their own room whilst I need to go to a special study room at level 1 or just go and study at the classroom...I can say that my niece is so lucky for being accepted in that rajin2!! ^_^' 

she showed me that boys dorm is just infront of their building and sometimes they saw that the boys were hiding behind the curtain and watching them...haha...its normal though in a co-ex school like this...naughty boys!!

infront of the other side of the girl dorm buildings, there situated the teachers houses...its quite big I can say...this is where we stop and send my niece the brighter side is the teachers can monitor the students and the parents as well...hahahahaha...lolz!

around 5pm, we went back to KL...yes, the far right is my sister and the other 2 are my niece and my nephew...suppose my another niece is in the picture but accident happens where she wets her clothes so she was in the car by the time my brother-in-law capture this picture...I guess this is the first time I include my family photos in my blog...more are coming into this blog as I am in my 2 months break in Malaysia...hehehe >.<

to my niece, Aina, study hard ok! we will see you again this Deepavali break and more school breaks are coming...on top of that, your school holiday is just around the corner...I will see you till then ya! miss you la!

thanks that she was sitting in this pix! coz she is the same height as me at her age now...oh I feel so petite beside her...some people thought that I am her sister...that is for sure a compliment for me...ahakks! >.<

till then~


p/s: still having flu and cough...worsen with hearing-block on one side of my ear...wuwu~

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