Tuesday, 14 October 2014

IIUM 30th Convocation & Collect Bachelor Scroll


I was an IIUM graduate from Biomedical Science last year in January 2013...however, I couldn't attend my convocation in November last year since I was in London continuing my master at Imperial College London...

this year, the convocation was held in October and yesterday was the 3rd day of the ceremony...I was running my errands for my PhD stuffs at KPJ Tawakkal...so while waiting for my medical check-up report to be completed by KPJ Tawakkal, me and my bestie went to IIUM to collect our scroll and to inquiry whether we can rent the robe to take a photo at the studio with our la familia~ 

Alhamdulillah we manage to get a very nice parking spot behind the mosque area...when we arrived, we headed to Student Affairs office at the Admin building however they direct us to go to the Admission and Record office (AMAD) to collect our scroll...and so we went there...after waiting for a while, we manage to get our scroll~ ^_^v

then suddenly I realise that they didn't give us together with the hard bound file that we suppose to get with the scroll...after inquiry them, they ask us to go to the Robe Room (RR) at CAC to get confirmation from the RR people that we didn't attend our convocation last year! I was so frustated because they are the Admission & Record people and they should knew their student whereabouts since they are the registry keeper! but I still follow their instructions and we went there...upon arrival, the people at the RR ask us to go AMAD since they doesn't know anything about that! argh~ luckily, one of the staff feels that it is unnecessary for them to give the confirmation just for a file, so she go and get 2 files for me and my bestie....TQ sis!! >.<'

yeay! finally~ now I'm just waiting to rent the robe and take a studio picture with la familia~...hehe

since I can only rent the robe for 1 week with the cost of RM410 (as a deposit), so I decided not to borrow the robe now, instead I will borrow after my family have decided a date that we can gather everyone as it's quite difficult to gather everyone in one shot...haha...

while on our way from CAC to AMAD, then AMAD to CAC, we took pictures of the convocation scenery at CAC~


congratz to all sisters & brothers for your achievements throughout your UG & PG! :D

this picture makes me miss UIA more~ -_-"


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