Sunday, 2 March 2014

Borrow books from the library for the first time~ :D


yesterday was the first time that I borrow some books from the library...hahaha... :p
but.............that was not the first time that I enter library ok! :D
master level is for journal time and not!? haha...*am I just trying to defend myself?* :p

 since I told you that it was for the first time, so I ask the librarian to help me with loaning process ^_^' from searching for the book that I want using the catalog in the uni website until to scan the books for borrowing purposes...pppffttt
for sure the librarian can expect that I never borrow any books yet from the library until yesterday... -_-'

NO...NO...there is no intention to show off that I am a bookworm... ^^,

I borrow these books for my exam purposes...since some of the books were suggested by my lecturers to look upon to find other useful info aside from the lectures notes that were can see stack of notes beside the books! I am in the mood of studying yo~ ngee~~

1 week of loaning period :D

ok thats all!!


p/s: please pray for my exam next week~~ameen

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