Monday, 17 March 2014

Unexpected and eerie trip to Birmingham ^^,


on 8-10 March I went to Birmingham together with my bestie to watch Yonex All England Badminton Championship ngee~~

Birmingham getaway this time was so exciting with many unexpected incidences...the first incidence was so hilarious because we missed our bus... kah3
we supposed to start our journey to Birmingham at 5pm on the 8th...but because we are so relax and thought that we can catch the bus to Victoria Station on time, so we went out from my bestie house 30 minutes before departure time! because the bus to Victoria Station just infront of my bestie house and it usually took around 15 minutes to reach there...maybe not this time~~huhu

since we missed our bus, and thank God the price of the ticket that we missed was just 3pounds...fuh~~ and I was in devastated mood, so my bestie suggested that we take train...
however the price was soooooo pricey so I made a decision to take bus...and Alhamdulillah there is a bus to Birmingham at 1am for just 4pounds  and we bought that ^_^

its too early to stay at Victoria Station from 5pm to 1am so we return back to my bestie house and straight away we have our lunch...yup we didn't eat anything the whole day because other things happened...I need to go back to my house in White City that afternoon because I just realised it the night before that I forgot to bring the badminton championship ticket with me...aiyooo~~ @_@

this time we were so careful that we even check the latest bus that we can catch to go to Victoria Station...fortunately the last bus in London is at 1.15am...ngee~~ so we took 12.15am bus to Victoria Station, spare 45 minutes for us to reach there... :D

the journey was just for 3 hours, so can you calculate what time do we reach there??? 4.15am!
I was ok with the time initially because I thought the bus will leave us at a appropriate bus stop likewise in Manchester and also at Sheffield where we can sit and rest...but not in Birmingham!! the bus leave us at a very eerie surrounding...infront of a casino and full of drunk people!! T_T

since that was the condition, so we decided to straight away go to my friends house at Selly first we plan to stay at the bus stop until 6am and take a train to my friends house because we feel so sorry to disturb her in the middle of the night and for changing the time that we suppose to reach there...but looking at the condition and the surrounding, I change my plan...while deciding on what the next step is, a taxi stop infront of us! without give a ring to my friend, we took a taxi to her house...

after we reach at my friend house, we call her but no one answer! -_-'
while calling my friend, then I realised that the taxi driver was still there waiting for us! thank you whoever you are! btw he is a muslim~~ :D feel sorry for him for waiting, I ask him to leave us, and we will be fine...he actually waits until we get inside the house safely...huhu...feels so blessed that night~ ^.^

since no one answer and its too cold outside, we find a nearest mosque or musolla that we can stay for awhile and perform our Subh prayer...Alhamdulillah, thanx to Google map, we found a 10 minutes walking mosque from my friends house...ngee~~

at first when we reach here, the main gate was open, but the door to the prayer area was closed! and then my bestie found a house just behind the mosque which I strongly believe its the imam's house...I rang his house bell and asked the imam to open the prayer area door... :D
thought that we can stay inside the mosque a bit longer until my friend wake up, but then the imam told us that the congregational prayer will start soon and we need to leave the mosque...huhu~

by the time we want to leave the mosque, my friend called me! yeay!!~~ ^_^
so went back to her house and have a nice sleep before we depart to National Indoor Arena (NIA) Birmingham for the Championship which starts at 11.30am... 

such a looooooong journey that night! pfft~~~

BUT the scariest thing of all was when my friends told me that there was a robbery last week just a few streets away from their house in the middle of the night around 3am just like the time that we spent the whole day outside of her house which we even walk in the middle of the night to find the mosque!! sooo eerie~~~

then I get the rationale why the taxi driver waited for us...huhu...and thank you also taxi driver for not telling us the story of the robbery which might scared us more! ^_^ hehe...

I swear that I will never go to Birmingham at this hour anymore! :)
and Alhamdulillah that He protects us throughout the night :D


p/s: since its too dark + sleepy + scared, I forgot to capture the place where the bus drop us...
will share about the Badminton Championship and interesting places in Birmingham in another post...wait ya~~~

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