Friday, 28 March 2014

I loike Body Shop Shampoo~~ \(^_^)/


I have been using only one type of shampoo my whole life...REJOICE...
when I came to London I only bought 1 bottle of the shampoo with the thought that I can find it easily here...after 4 months, I run out of the shampoo T_T tsk...tsk...
and the hunt begin looking for that particular shampoo...ASDA, Sainsbury, Tesco, Boots, Oriental and many more stores...after 1 month of searching, I end up bought 1 particular brand that I have never used before...I have tried so many brands before I end up using Rejoice...just name it which brand I have used before...Head and Shoulder, Pantene, Dove and many more...all of them gave bad effects to my hair...

same goes to this particular brand -_-"
and so I search in the internet for better product that I can rely on...many products came out in the result sections ranging from the known and unknown products...but there was only 1 product that catch my attention! wee~~~

after reading the reviews, I pinned it!! yeehaa~~

after 3 washes, I can feel the different! ^_^v
less dandruff (bad dandruff before because of the brand before) and no more soo oily it so much! ^_*

for those who have bad dandruff problem, itchy scalp and oily hair should go for this shampoo...feels the different! hehe...oh I'm not an agent or whatsoever ya! kih3!

most of the reviews suggest to use conditioner together with the shampoo to give better effects...most of the reviews suggested Banana Conditioner BUT I go for Rainforest Volume Conditioner...need to volumize my hair ^_^"

i loike!!! :) :) :) :) delicious smells~~
not so much different with the volume yet...kah3...maybe need to wait a bit longer :D

will your hair smells like ginger after the wash? it will smells like ginger but believe me the smells is an awesome will like it...but since I'm using conditioner after shampoo, so the smell isn't that strong because have been coat by the conditioner smell...and the combination between ginger and rainforest gave you great smells... ^^,

eventhough its quite pricey, but for the sake of my hair health, I go for it! both of the products cost me 14.50 pound...gulp~~

thought of using this product when I am back for good later...but if its too pricey in Malaysia, maybe need to revert back to Rejoice...but I love this product...wuwuwuwu~~~ -_-'

Bye~ ^_^

p/s: my lab supervisor has ask me to write the intro for my thesis already! hohoho...gambate! datanglah roh rajin please~~ hehe

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