Saturday, 22 March 2014

Yonex All England Badminton Championship at Birmingham! ^_^


after all the hurdle that I went through to get to Birmingham, it was paid off with the winning of Datuk Lee Chong Wei in single men match against Chen Long from China...yeehaa!! ^_^

I bought the final match ticket which was on 9th started at 11.30 am at NIA Birmingham...when I reached there, there is one Malaysian group taking photo infront of the NIA building...while I was clicking their photo, then I realised something! isn't that Awal Ashaari, the celebrity??

Awal Ashaari (red arrow) with the whole group which I think sponsored by Sen Heng as I can see that printed on their shirt... :D

I did join them in the photo! ngee~~ I was invited ok by the celebrity! :p

you can spot me, the first on the left of the first row ^_*

since we reached there a bit late around 11am, so after the photography session, we headed into the we hunt for our seats...and do you want to know where I seat???

the last top row...tsk tsk tsk =_='
although its quite far from the match field, Alhamdulillah we can still see the players on both side of the field ^_^

view from my seats! :)

the match start with the women double, men double, women single and the MOST awaited moment was men single!!! hehhe...because this is the only match that Malaysia qualified for final round...yeay!!! but we did watch the rest of the match aside men single...if NOT then its quite such a waste that we bought such an expensive ticket just to watch men single match...haiyak! :p

from my observation, the stadium was so quite during double women, single women and mix match unlike double men and single men match! the stadium was so havoc and so noisy with the cheers from the audience...that was because men double match was between Indonesia and China while men single was between Malaysia and China...there were so many supporters from Malaysia and Indonesia that wonder its so friends who sits quite far from us told us that they sit beside a UK citizen and that person came to support Malaysia...weeee~~~ Go Go Malaysia ^_^v

Datuk Lee Chong Wei (yellow shirt) vs Chen Long :D

we leave the stadium right after Lee Chong Wei won the match! don't bother to watch the mix match because we were rushing to go for sightseeing around the Birmingham city as well...ngee~~
there were few booth outside of the stadium and we stumble upon this booth where people can take photo with Lee Chong Wei (as the background, lol! hehe), giant badminton replica and also Gold original medal ok! you can see I am holding it ^_^v

then straight away we went to the City Center which is very close to the Victoria Square and Bull Ring!
whats so interesting about those places? check out the pix below~~~ ^.^

 this is the most expensive library in Europe! (building with gold and gray colour)
by the time we want to enter the library its already close T_T tsk..tsk..
we were so excited because you can even went up until the top of the building (the gold cylinder shape on top of the building)...maybe next time...hehehe...

Victoria Queen statue...

I just love this pix with mumia! ^^, looks so cool...


this were my buddies which I spent time with when I was in and my bestie came all the way from London and the other 3 came all the way from Sheffield ^^,

Tq Aqeelah and Put for such a great hospitality during our stay in Birmingham!

my friends who came all the way from Sheffield went back straight away after the match, while me and my bestie stay another night...hehe ^_^v

the next day, since my friends have class so we went out quite early...we follow them to the university...the university is quite big and soooo hilly...fuhhh~~~
me and my bestie hang out awhile in the uni area while my friends join their class...thank God that the train station just infront of my friend's we don't have to climb the hilly road again!! Kah3! -_-'

we headed to the bus station at Hill Street...took our bus at 10.55am and that's the end of my short trip to Birmingham!!! weee~~


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