Monday, 31 March 2014

Fried Ice cream! nyummsss~~ ^^,


the first time I ever taste fried ice cream when I was in Kuantan 2 years back at night market...sounds so pity rite??? haha
thats my bestie first expression as well when I told her that I have never taste it when I was a kid 
-_-' I love it so much the first time I try it...and so I knew that its easy actually to prepare it just need soft white bread and ice cream of your own flavour! thats it...

eventhough its easy, people who knew me back then know that I am a person who never cook at home...hahaha...but now since I am in UK all alone, so I have turn to a new leaf person with the capability to cook all types of Malaysian cuisine...erk? eh! ^_^v ok, maybe some~~haha

so today when I browse thru my fb, I saw this one post posted by my superior when I joined SUKMA (its a type of sports events) in all the photos credited to him, En. Eddika Putra ^_^v 
oh btw I have ask his permission to share it in my blog...weee~~ tq2!

The steps:

1. Find any bottles that have round shape, and pat the bottle on the 2 white soft breads to get the round shape

2. On one of the white bread, scoop ice cream that you want and put it onto the bread inside the round shape

3. Then take the other white bread and put it on top of the bread with the ice cream

4. Using the same bottle to make the round shape just now, pat it again on the bread (2 slices of bread) to cut it off from the square bread shape

5. Remove it from the excess bread

6. Pinch the edges of the bread to seal it

7. Tada!!!

8. Put it in the refrigerator to freeze the ice cream. Once its freeze enough, take it out, fry it in hot oil just for a few seconds...and you are ready to eat it! ^_^v

I have never try it yet thats why there is no 'after' photo...kih3! ^^,
eventhough I have the recipe with me now, its hard to find cheap ice cream here in London...most of the time if I bought one, I rather enjoying it just like not a good time yet to implement this recipe! huhu...the other problem was that my refrigerator is wayyyy toooo small as well to insert extra items inside...-_-"

see...I told you my fridge is small especially my freezer...such a cute space that I can only put 1 baby chicken (chopped), french fries and my frozen foods such as chicken burger patty and an ice cream ^_^v

oh btw, the extra bread please please don't throw it guys can recycle it...erk? :p can make bread pudding which also very simple and delicious! try it! :D

hope once I'm back to Malaysia, I can DIY! hehe~~ :D

Bye~ ^_^v

p/s: think should try it one day...erm~~~

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