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[Part 3] Step by Step Studying Abroad - Renewing Passport, TB Test & VISA Application


done with Part 1 & Part 2, now I am going to proceed with Part 3 which is the last step ^_^


it is important to renew your passport early as it needs to be used when you are applying for your Visa...and to renew your passport at current date, you dont need to bring any passport size photo, or you dont have to wait for too long to get your passport there are lots of immigration branch around plus some branches are now situated in UTC (Urban Transformation Centre)...the best thing is that you dont need to do extra job by taking passport size photo with you since they have implemented new policy which they will take your photo at the counter itself! how convenient is that isn't??? >.< and dont worry, its not necessarily that you need to wear black scarf anymore...they will take your photo black and white...why dont they implement this earlier??? hahaha

TB Test

there are only certain clinics are being approved by UK Gov for TB test and the clinics included are as shown below OR you can click here for the website

things to bring for TB test:

and the fees:

clear enough right? haha...oh btw I went to LifeCare Clinic which situated at Bangsar South...the nearest train is Universiti station and just a walking distance from the station around 10 minutes walking

upon reaching at the receptionist, you just need to present to them your passport, and they will give you a form for you to fill-in and remember to fill-in carefully with not a single mistake, if does, they will give you another form because that will be your ORIGINAL certificate AFTER the doctor have sign the form!

anything that you guys don't understand, just drop a comment or email me ya!

VISA Application

Step 1Go to this link and read all the documents that you need to prepare, the process and everything written on the website. Make sure you understand before proceed.

Step 2: Register. As you can see on the top tab, there is 2 options either you are applying for yourself or applying for someone else. Choose the right tab and click.

Step 3: Once done with the registration, the website will direct you to the main page of your application. To view the progress of your application, see the "status" and it will tell you which part of the application form that you still haven't complete yet on the "Next Step"

Step 4: Fill-in all the information needed for the application according to the section shown on the left tab. Every time you have successfully fill-in the information, click SAVE button. 

if the section change from BLACK colour to GREEN colour, it means that for that particular section, you have fill-in all the information required. If not, it will still be in black colour

Step 5: Submit your application.

once you have submitted, the "Application Completed" panel will turn to green colour which means you have passed the first stage. "Next Step" is Sign Declaration. Click the button.

Step 6: Sign the declaration form. Read first!

Step 7: Once you have sign the declaration form, now you can book for the appointment. You need to choose your appointment location and later, the center of your choice. But in KL, the center for Visa is at WISMA MCA, Jalan Ampang. If you are travelling using public transport, take a Kelana Jaya Line train, hop off at Ampang Park, and follow the WISMA MCA sign. For Visa to UK, its at level 9.

Step 8: Make your online payment. The total is USD 530.00. For MARA student, not to worry, you can claim that later after your first allowance payment has been credited to your account. Produce a letter, print the online payment resit that will be sent by UKBA to your email (just print your email) and the receipt that you received at the counter when you apply for visa and send them those to the nearest MARA office at your respective country. 

Step 9: Now you can print your online application! :D which mark that you are now done for the application process and just present yourself during the appointment to submit all those documents that you have print just now AND bring also a photo, original TB test certificate, renewed passport plus any previous passport that is/are under your possession, appointment letter & any relevant original documents thats already stated in the website!

OK! have done all the parts that's needed and important! now you can start applying! ^_^v

oh ya, the visa process will take around 5-14 working days for NORMAL VISA 

if let say you are in a hurry and need that fast, you can apply for Priority VISA which you can ask for at the counter later when you are applying for VISA but that will cost you another RM300++ (this was last year rate) and you will get your VISA in 3-5 working days

Good luck and all the best! :D



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