Friday, 28 February 2014

Yeay! Yonex All England Badminton Championship tickets have arrived!! ngee~~


ticket to All England Badminton Championship!!! weee~~ ^_^

the championship starts from 4th March until 9th March...but since I have exams on 4th and 6th March, I couldn't buy the whole championship ticket tsk...tsk T_T
but luckily that my exam ended exactly before the final yo! haha... :D
so I bought the FINAL match ticket which is on 9th March ^^,

one for me, and another one for my bestie~ *_*

its a waste yo if I didn't take this opportunity!! lucky my bestie encounter this in the internet on January...but since that time our exam schedule haven't been fix yet, so we delay and we hope that our exam wouldn't overlap with this event...hahha...Alhamdulillah it didn't!! ^_^v 

so last 2 weeks I bought the tickets...the best sits so far that was available at that time was the upper deck at block 2...

as long as I can see both of the players from my seat, I am satisfied enough :) heee

there are variety of tickets types from family, adults and concession and students and each of it has different price depending also on the date of the championship...
if we choose to watch the earlier match, it will be cheaper than the semi final and final match...
but since I am a student here in London, so I am eligible for student price...yeay!! muchas gracias Yonex :D
student price for final match is 24.50 pound but they have charge for something which I couldn't hear it properly on the phone so total end up to be 27.20 pound ^^.

I couldn't wait and I am so excited!! the only games that I enjoy watching since I'm a kid is badminton and I am a big fan of Lee Chong Wei! ^_^
I heard that Lin Dan has retired and wouldn't be in this championship...if it's true, then I am sure that Lee Chong Wei will win...double yeay!!! *_*v

there are 13 Malaysian players that will be in this championship:

Go Go Malaysia!!
Go Go Chong Wei!! heee~~

bring home GOLD medals for Malaysia!!!

last but not least:
> accommodation checked 
> transport to Birmingham checked

ready to depart!!!!~~~  ^^,


p/s: since it will be exactly after my exam, its like a exam-getaway for me...haha :D

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