Tuesday, 1 April 2014

I'm a UK Blood Donor!~ =_=v


today marked a history in my life!!!
I manage to donate my blood for the first time in UK yaw!!! ^^,

I am a donor back in Malaysia...I have donated a few times in Malaysia which if I sum it up, today was the fourth time... :D yeay...yeay...

donating blood in UK is quite different...I need to book an appointment to the nearest centre in my accommodation area thru online using their NHS Blood Donation website...I was so surprised that Hammersmith Hospital is not in the list as one of the centres...it would be easy if it is because thats where my campus situated...pffftt~~

and so I had to choose the nearest centre which is White City Community Centre...it is 15 minutes walking distance from my house...I booked my appointment 1 month ahead before I knew how my schedule would be...it end up since last 2 weeks I was busy with my lab work...I was quite devastated when I knew that I couldn't donate my blood and I need to choose another date which usually its hard to find nearest date if you change it last minute! 
but Alhamdulillah something in my heart told me not to postponed my date until I am sure that I couldn't make it...and my heart is right when yesterday my supervisor asks me to come at 3.30pm today for a meeting with her!!! *I am so happy!!~~* 

my appointment was at 2 pm, but I reached at the centre around 1.35 pm...

after the registration, I was asked to drink 1 huge glass of plain water and wait until they call me for the routine check up whether I am eligible to donate my blood or otherwise...

while waiting, they gave me this leaflet information to read on ^_^v

I was eligible to donate my blood since my haemoglobin level is high...however, since I just came to UK last year in October, so a special nurse attended me to ask a few questions...she was not sure if I am 50 kg as that is the minimum weight if someone want to donate their blood...surprisingly they didn't weight you as one of the routine check up...and so I told her that the last time I weight myself, my weight was 49 kg which I strongly can feel that I have gained weight in that 1 month! haha...and so she believes me and I passed!!! yuhuuu~~~ ^.^

there were only 6 beds available today... ^_^v 

this is the interesting part of all!! \(^_^)/v
the first person who attended me can't find my vein on my left hand...she said that my left hand vein was too thin...so she moved on to my right hand vein and told me that that vein was much more thinner than my left hand...she end up call another person to have a look at it...
the next person also were not happy with my vein.........I is sad already this time~~ -_-"
then they call third person to look for my vein...and Alhamdulillah, he manage to find my vein and surprisingly he chose my right hand vein whereby the other 2 persons were not satisfied with my right hand vein compared to my left hand vein...weird right????

then suddenly I heard the girl told him not to take any risk....what??? what risk??? I was not feeling good already.......and so I ask him "How long have you been doing this?" and he replied "Not so long, around 15 years" :D hahaha...Okay man, go for it~~!!! ^_^v

it took only 15 minutes to finish up for the whole process...after that, I was headed to the refreshment area...they served 3 kinds of drinks; plain water, orange and lime, and chips and biscuits...I drank 3 cups of water and 1 packet of chips...the chips is incredibly nice...no worry, its vege...hehehe  ^_^'

I sat for a moment while chit chatting with one of the donor and then I saw one small bucket full of key chain...I thought that was special maybe to a regular donor or whatsoever because I didn't saw anyone took it...but since I am so attracted to the key chain, I took 1 and ask the donor beside me whether I can have it...and yeah she told me to have it as it is for the donor...yeay!!!!!

since I knew I am B+, I took that...if I flip it over, you can see its written B+ on it...I is so happy~~~ ^_^v
and now I have 2 collection of blood donor key chain; 1 from Malaysia and 1 is UK! \(^_^)/v

thought of donating again in the future...will make another appointment for the next 3 month ^_^

Bye~ ^_^

p/s: Next Monday will be an exciting day!! yuhuuu~~

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