Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Shopping at Designer Outlet Junction 32, Leeds


early in the morning on the second day at Leeds, we begin our journey to go for shopping at 2 biggest Designer Outlets in Leeds and York...

our first destination was Designer Outlet at York which is situated at North Yorshire...we stop at York train station and then we took bus number 7 in front of Pizza Hut nearby York Castle to the outlet...apparently there is only 1 bus to go there and the interval between the service is short which is so convenient ^_^v ihiks!

the outlet is big! can you see the luggage? thats how eager we are to go for shopping!! ^_^v

we reached there around 1pm and we start our hunting!! first we search for Tefal since thats my first aim when I came to Leeds as my friends mentioned that Tefal products is very cheap at their outlet...however, the products that I'm looking for was unavailable at the outlet...and so we started to browse other shops as well such as Cotton Traders, Clarks, Fossil and many more~~

the outlet layout

inside view

sadly we didn't bought anything here...there are few shirts that I am targeting for my brothers in Cotton Traders however, there is G****** label on those shirts which I think is unappropriate for me to buy that for them...huhu... -_-"

then we headed to Leeds Designer Outlet, Junction 32 which is situated at Glasshoughton  >_<
we took a train from York, change at Leeds and hop off at Glasshoughton...the outlet situated in front of the station...very the convenient! 

here, the outlet is as big as the one in York as well...looking at the pix above might look that its quite small but its not! believe me! its so big in the inside...one thing different from York designer Outlet is that in Leeds the concept is outdoor...which I loike...hehe :D as usual, I forgot to snap pix...haishh =_=" (busy shopping! ahaks!)

there are lots of shops as in York as well...but there are few branded shops that are unavailable here such as Fossil, and you can find Cadbury Outlet here which is not in York and few more which I don't remember...sorry guys...my entry might not be a good referral...kah3! huhu -_-"

I think its enough for the long rambling of me...now lets have a peek what I bought~~


Tefal Ingenio... £157 >.<

at first I thought of buying 1 set for each of my family members; ie my sis, my bro and my mom...however, when my bestie choose this for her mom, and it consists of 4 sets inside (if im not mistaken), I change my mind and bought this for them instead...will divide it into 3 and distribute it...haha...and I'm actually considering back 3 different sets because of luggage on flight issue ^_^ anyway they love it when I send the pix...ihiks! :*

the pot, wok and frying pan are for my future house later here in UK for my PhD...see how excited I am! I already use it...and I keep saying to my bestie that now, I love cooking! eh!? haha


Cotton Traders


at last, I manage to find something nice for my brothers at Cotton Traders in Junction 32...I love it and they love it too! :D

Cadbury Outlet

variety of chocolate...heaven!!!~~ so cheap...its either £1 for each or 2 for £1...ppfffttt~~!

they call it mis shapes but it doesnt literally mean mis shapes but it contains variety of shapes and contains variety of fillings flavours such as chocolate and orange (so far that I have taste)...nice~ :D

seriously I forgot to buy more of the Cadbury chocolate to bring back to Malaysia...so some of it I have already finish it here including the mis shapes which you cant find it in Malaysia for sure...but have save some of the mis shapes for my family...huhu

so far, thats all that I bought for my family...for me? only Cadbury chocolate :D
planning to come here again next time...hehe...

tired shopping until 7.30pm, we had our dinner at Pizza Express as thats the only halal restaurant  at Junction 32 just in front of the building...

we ordered Francesco Mazzei Calabrese...nice! 

and milk.. :)

Alhamdulillah, now I am waiting to go back to Malaysia and make my family happy with all the items that I have bought for them...anyway still have some shopping to do in London...couldn't find suitable items for my nieces and my nephew at the outlets...so will shop for them in London... ^_^v


p/s: this week is a shopping week in London! but before that I have meeting with my potential sv tmrw morning....hope all goes well...ameen~

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