Sunday, 21 September 2014

Liberation Party at Canary Wharf!


last weekend was well spent with the celebration of Liberation Party with my classmate, my bestie and few of my bestie UCL lab-mate...however, last minute, only me, my bestie, Nasima and Kankou were available to celebrate it together...^_^

since we had a crepe party at Kankou place last time, so this time we held it at Nasima's place at Canary Wharf  >.< the plan was to meet at Nasima's house around 1pm on Friday and we go and buy all the ingredients for the party together...but since me and my bestie were busy moving out from our house, so we came very late that day around the time we reached there, they already cook grilled chicken, salad, red lentil soup and baked potato...nyummss~~ hehe...

then after finish eating, Nasima bake a Victorian Sponge Cake! :D

in the making!


while enjoying it, we chit chatting until midnight and went to sleep...

the next day, she baked something else...a Chocolate Chip Giant Cookie with special dedication on the cookie :D

Liberation Party!

based on Kankou said, Liberation means freedom but it is the word that stronger than we called it as Liberation as we have finish with our master! yeay! =_='

then we had dinner at a restaurant near her house for lunch...

I will for sure miss them so much...Nasima and Kankou is like mouse and cat...they cant meet each other...everytime they meet its like a must for them to quarrel on every single thing and usually Kankou will come out a point first and end up Nasima doesnt want to succumb and she will eventually pick a point for Kankou...thats how it is throughout the day...lolz! haha...but everytime they quarrel, its very entertaining for me...kah3! oh gosh guys, hope to meet you again! muah~

anyhow, Nasima is going to Switzerland for her PhD around next year and Kankou is going to find a job in UK...and they said we are going to held another party when everyone is waiting for it! hehe...and this time Kankou wants to cook crab! melting~~ :)


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