Monday, 22 September 2014

Review: Hazev Restaurant at Canary Wharf


following my previous post, I mentioned that we had our lunch at one of the restaurant at Canary Wharf for our Liberation Party...the restaurant is called Hazev Restaurant, a Turkey restaurant... :D


               Kankou and my bestie                                                             me and Nasima


its a fine dining restaurant which when I came in, for a sec I was not sure whether I want to step in any further coz it looks expensive...sigh~ but since the rest of my friend didnt say anything so we find  a table and sit...the the waiter came and distribute the menu and wallaaaa, the price isnt that bad >.<' hehe

Hazev is a Turkish words = Haz means enjoyment and ez means home


the menu...variety of foods starting with cold starters, hot starters and dish...they also have Shana, a set contains 2 dish; 1 starter and 1 main course and another set I forgot what its called but serve 3 dishes...

since I am starving, so I searched for dish a that contain rice and therefore I choose Kofte :D

minced lambs, onions and green pepper patties, seasoned with parsley and herbs! delicious~ :D I give 10/10..wohoo.. the best part is that the waiter ask whether you want some extra chillies...and of course I say yes...hahaha...although the chilli is not that hot...huhu...chilli is the one on the right hand side of the rice...

this was my bestie and Nasima...Tavuk Shish, skewers of marinated chicken

and this was Kankou...I forgot the name!!! :p

after having our main course, we relax a bit and have a tea while chit chatting...

Me and Nasima choose Turkish tea as it will be such a waste if I didnt try it...instead Kankou have Jasmine tea and my bestie didnt have any...

the taste was too strong for me and I end up add 2 cubes of sugar and then finally I manage to finish it...hahaha...and Nasima keeps telling me that I shouldnt do that as I have lost the authentic taste of Turkish ok as long as I finish it or it will be a waste! haha

and actually the view of the restaurant is so nice and beautiful since its located on the waterfront


the view infront of the restaurant...could see the DLR train as well :D  


the restaurant is big because it combines with a stylish bar, elegant restaurant and a cafe...

overall, I give 10/10 of the food, venue and the service...the waiters are friendly and quick...the venue is beautiful and very comfortable...looks like its expensive from outside but its affordable! ^_^v we only spend around £60 total

I really recommend for those who want to taste Turkish delight to come here and enjoy the food and the scenery... :D


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