Friday, 12 December 2014

Chemistry Lab + Cafe, Section 7, Shah Alam


right after the photoshoot session at Lorong Belakang at Section 7, I ask my sister to go to a cafe which one of my lecturer keep posting it on FB! it drives me crazy when people post something about cool & deli cafe! >.<

since I dont know Shah Alam area that much, so I use Google Maps...hehe...its very near from the site where Lorong Belakang situated...

the front view of the cafe...

this is what attract me the most! they use this "radioactive barrel" as a table outside of the cool~ :)

lets see deco inside the cafe >.<



periodic table, lab coat, and also a set-up of an experiment on a table beside the door..nice~

the counter...
as a usual cafe, they have quite a simple menu...


they also have pasta and other menu~

so these were the dishes that we bought...


I bought 2 cakes and they served it in a pan...but somehow I cant find any connection of this kind of pan with chemistry lab...anyone?? hmmm... :p

Oreo Crepe & Peanut Butter Cake

both are very delicious! I like it! thats the first time that I eat Oreo it~ 

and for the drinks, I bought Chemical Reaction

nice tho~ so rich and they served it in a real flask! fuhhh~~ I know how much this flask cost because usually it will be very expensive...cant imagine if the staffs keep broken it...hahaha

and Ice Cream Latte

just nice...cant say much but this is the first time I drink caffeinated beverages with ice cream on top >.< haha...and for this one, they served it in a beaker...unique idea!

overall on the food I can say its very delicious however its quite pricey for me...for a slice of cake, it costs you RM11.00 which is far more expensive than Secret Recipe...phew~ anyway its just for the sake of testing it ^_^v

BUT the service is tooooo slow!! and they need to improve interms of their order method...the staff keep carrying around the order for example the drinks and ask each table whether that drinks belong to them which is not nice! for me its better if they numbered the table so will be easier for them to deliver the order OR make a system like Starbucks where the customers redeem their order at the redemption counter (as I call it so)...hope they improve on that matter...aside from that, I like the view, the deco and especially the food!

oh, the total damage was RM48.30 (yaa~~ I know -_-")

for those interested to try it, here is the address:

No 26, Jalan Kristal J7/J, Seksyen 7, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor

have a try guys~!


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