Sunday, 14 December 2014

Day Trip to Muar, Johor + Foodtrip


Today I went to Muar for a very serious business with my brother >.< ok just kidding...just to settle a few business that he had in Muar so I accompany him since he will be driving alone plus my intend is toooooo foodtrip!!! yehaa~~ ^_^v

we went out around 9.30am and reach Muar around 11.45am...but somehow we lost somewhere around the destination that we are heading to...hahaha and then after we fetch the person that we want to, we continue our journey to Pekan Baru Parit Yusof which we arrived around 1.30pm...

while waiting for 'that' business to settle, we went to Benteng for a quick lunch =D

the person that we fetch earlier keep mentioning about Briyani Gam that is quite famous in Muar...and so I was craving for it since I have never try that before...and we search for that particular dish ^_^

so this is the shop that we choose at Benteng...

its sooooo cheap!!! can't find this range of price in KL...huhu

so I ordered Briyani Gam Kambing :D

and to complete the dish, with ABC lalalala~~nyumss!

and then I saw Kacang Pool stall which you can find it only in Johor but since I am not feeling well plus quite full, I didn't bought I am coming back to Johor next month, so I don't care that much that I didn't have it this time...hehehehe >.<

since its only a day trip and we don't have that much time left plus its already that late, we didn't go anywhere else...after done with lunch, we headed back to the place that we left for and head back to KL around 6pm and we reached KL around 9.30pm...fuhhh~~ 

12 hours journey for today...I am tired!! -_-"


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