Thursday, 11 December 2014

Khatam Quran Event | My Bro, Niece & Nephew


Last two weeks I was so busy preparing for one of the biggest event that will be held in my family which was Khatam Quran ^_^ and the other biggest event will be held insyaAllah very very the sooooonnn~~ =D

the event was held in my house and yet we were quite worry as well because my house is quite small and our invitation was for about 150 people...but Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly~

the event is actually a combination of Khatam Quran of my brother, my niece and my nephew...dont ask me why am I not included in the list! :p plus with thanksgiving prayer and Tahlil...

the event started around 11am and ended around 6pm! fuh~~ -_-"
the best part is that we cook the dishes by ourselves! @_@ 

lets have a peak view of the event! ^_^v

the setup! all done by my sister including the door gift! phew~
oh btw the stand for the door gift is ours...interested to RENT can call me...hew...hew  :D

while the event is running~~

the foods~
Chicken Curry, Carrot + Cauliflower vege, banana and few side dishes

right after the Khatam Quran, the guests were served...Alhamdulillah they said that its very deli~ :D

the highlighted person in this event also included my nephew since one of the main objective of helding this event is for his circumcision...
looking at this picture makes me realise how big they are now and how younger looking I am~ hehe

the next day, my sister brought my nephew for the circumcision at a private hospital in Klang and he stayed with me until the end of this week...

after the Khatam Quran ended, I was sooooo busy entertaining all the guests that I forgot and so lazy to take pictures...Alhamdulillah, all the guests that we invited came and my house was so full with humans that I dont realise at all that we can organise such a big event like this in my house...hehehe...

thanx to all the guests! miss the event already as this event was the opportunity for me to meet all my relatives before I went back to UK insyaAllah this month...for sure we will meet again later in the other big event  that will be held soon~ ^_^"


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