Tuesday, 16 December 2014

MSc certificate is here!!!


yesterday I treat my ex-bossess and my colleagues when I was working as an RA at HUKM...I have been owing them capati for 1 year since I promised them before I fly to UK last year! hahaha >.<
BUT only yesterday I had the time + opportunity to fulfill my promised...sorry guys~ :D

then when I reached home, which was quite late yesterday, I was talking to my mom and I saw an envelope on the table and I keep staring at it while talking to her...out of curiosity I reached the envelope and I looked at the name on the envelope...oh it was for me!!! yehaa~~ for the moment it doesnt cross my mind at all of the content of the envelope because I didnt read the sender's address...hahaha...told you I am excited receiving an envelope!! I know its just an envelope~~ =_="

when I opened it!!!!

it's actually my MSc certificate! :D :D :D

it comes together with a summary of my master result (I guess so :p)

was waiting for it eagerly when I just finished my master last 2 months! ^_^

Alhamdulillah...with His grace, I finally can reach up to this level...without the blessings from my mother, my siblings and my relatives, I couldn't have done it...thank you also to all my friends especially to Siti Aminah and Nurul Izzati (my besties) who were by my side throughout my master journey (eventhough you are far away from me Izzati, but you were alwayz there to hear my problem :D) love you all to the moon and back!!!! muah3~!


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