Thursday, 13 February 2014

Free Movie & Drama!! ^_^


it just such the happiest thing in my life when I came here in London... ;D
but the next thing that make my life cheerful is that I can watch so many movies and dramas streaming online...yeay!! ^_^
not only that, it's for FREE yo~~~ haha...

so everytime I have free time...either I am so dense with all the molecular basis notes, signalling pathway notes in my brain...
or when I am so lonely in the room that I have no one to talk too...
or while I am cooking...
I turn on my laptop and start streaming for movies or dramas... :p

so far I can say that I have watch a lot of movies which its impossible for me to list it down here...oooppppsss~~~!! :D
but now I am trying to finish all the dramas that I miss out when I was in Malaysia...
such as


I have watched until season 10 episode 10...yeay!!!
whoever haven't watch until this season yet, I'm sorry I have revealed that Grey's can conceive!!! 
thats her baby...cutey baby!!! hehe~~



I have watched until season 9 episode 14~~
waiting for the other episodes to be uploaded into the website... ;p

last? not last yet.......


can say that I am quite outdated about this drama...T_T
I am just started to watch this drama whereas everybody else already done with it...-_-'
another 4 season to go!!!
currently this is the drama that I am watching..ngee~~~!



my new favourite drama! ^_^'
never knew this series drama exist...
my bestie suggested this series to me...I am quite a skeptical women about choosing any drama to my bestie have a hard time to assure me that this drama is worth to watch!
after a few episodes (after she persuade me to watch), I fall in love with this series...haha
if only this kind of detective really exist~~

surprise so many drama I watch?!
no long as I know the limit and know how to balance between study and have fun...
but there are times when I overdose with all this drama...from morning till night @_@ ooppss!

for movies, usually I will go to viooz or megashare...
whereas for series drama I will go to watchseries...

once finish with all this drama, will look for another drama for marathon! eh~! ^_^'v

Bye~ ^_^

p/s: tomorrow is last class for this semester...yuhuuu...then exam and then the moment that I am waiting own mini research~~~ :D

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