Thursday, 27 February 2014

Sheffield Getaway: Sheffield Games + Visiting Cousin ^_^


last weekend me and my bestie decided to spend our weekend at Sheffield...its an ad hoc decision...hehe...just wana free ourselves from exam next week ^_^v
at the same time there is Sheffield Games being held at King Edward Community Sports Centre, so we decided to join and watch the games :D

we depart around 9 am in the morning and took the cheapest bus fare...MEGABUS!!! only 12 pound for return ticket *_*v cheap rite???!! ^^,
the trick is that you need to book as early as 2 weeks ahead before your journey, if not, the fare is 20 pound T_T' huhu~

as we reached Sheffield, the games already half way to finish...hahaha :P

there are only few games that we watch that day...frisbee, basketball and volleyball...
the event ended around 4.30 pm and we headed back to my friends house in Beauford Road...

the next day, my friend brought us to Meadowhall Shopping Complex...for the first time I ride on tram!!! yeay~~ ^_*v

in tram... :D
me with my friend who brought us around Sheffield

I am so excited to see the conductor...hahaha :D
I thought that tram is like train that you need to buy the ticket at the counter outside...but no! thats why they have conductor...hihi...seeing the conductor I miss the moment where Malaysia used to have conductor on the bus ^_^

so what do they have in Meadowhall Shopping complex??? hehehe

this is the reason why my friend brought me here! the famous Yorkshire Puddings! nyummss~~
there are variety of Yorkshire Pudding that are available but since the meaty pudding is non-halal, so we go for vegie puddings...
nice...tasty and most of all its quite a big portion...hahha...lucky that I share it with my bestie... :D

then we kill our time in the shopping a normal shopping complex, they have loads of shops but.................there is only one shop that attracts my attention...

Lush shop!
looks like they are selling doughnut rite??? -_-'

do you see all the products?? its not food ok! its soap... ^^,
its based on natural resources and yeah they have variety of products...from soap, shampoo, moisturiser, lip balm, etc~~~
did I bought one??? NO! haha..its quite pricey for me... :D 

surprisingly they close very early yo!~ at 5pm...pfftt
no where else to go so my friend brought us to their Sheffield student union building...

Sheffield Student Union building...

we perform our prayer here and then we went to have our first she wana brought us to have bubble tea just nearby to this building...but unfortunately its close -_-'
so she brought us to other restaurant to have our dinner... :D

I am quite full that time so we try hot choc as recommended by my friend and few desserts...delicious!! tq Damia for the treats~~ make sure come to London and we will return the favour! hehe ^_^

the next day, is the time for me to go home...wuwuw~~ :(
as usual before leaving we have photoshoot infront of the house...hehehe...

tq guys for having us for 3 days! ^_^
make sure next time we came you guys bring us around Sheffield! hehehe...

next stop was to my cousin house at Main Road, Darnall...since he just came to UK, so I pay a little visit ^_^

his wife was not around... :D

having fun with my IIUM friends in UK reminded me so much of our time together in I miss so much those moments...gossiping and pillow talk at night and eat together~~
tq guys for such a lovely ad hoc visit to Sheffield ^_^


p/s: wana share how their house looks like...English style right...hahah...since its quite a long entry, will post it another time... :D

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