Monday, 17 February 2014

Last class for Master T_T huhu~


14 February ie last Friday marked the last day of my class for my Master taught program in ICL...
mentioning about ICL, until now I haven't post yet about my university... ", wee~

there are only 21 members in my class with half of them are local and the other half are from other countries such as India, Greece, Bangladesh, Egypt, China and Malaysia of course! ^_^v
it was so nice to have only few classmates because I have never experienced that in my undergraduate!
I have approximately 80+ classmates during my undergraduate...can you imagine that?! fuhh~

incomplete 2013/2014 batch picture -_-'

wondering how many Malaysian in the class? haha
there are only 2 Malaysian initially...then 1 Malaysian join the class in the middle of the term...
she's basically last year's student but under certain circumstances, she needs to follow our class this overall it makes 3 of Malaysian students in the class!! yeay ^_^

overall, having muti-languages, multi-races in the class was fun indeed!
that's what I look forward when I plan to come and study here...

what happen next?

so now marked another chapter in our Master program...


InsyaAllah will be starting with research project around April after done with exam in March!
March, please be nice to me!~

Alhamdulillah I got my 3rd choice out of 21 topics that were given...wee~~
so far what exactly the topic is, is still unclear for me as well...still haven't heard anything from my SV...but basically will be deeply immerse with pre-term!! hehe :D
looking forward with research now after 5 months struggling with notes!!!~~~

will miss my whole classmates because after this rarely will see them anymore... :(
although most of them will carry out their research in the same building as me, but some of them will be in other departments and some will be in another university...tsk...tsk~~

keep in touch ya guys!
lets have mini reunion or what so ever anytime...haha ^-^

Bye~ ^_^

p/s: exam in another 2 weeks time yo!!~~ focus2!! haha

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