Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My Cousin is in UK!! ^^,


I did mentioned that I received my new laptop from my cousin last month since his wife will be furthering her post doc here in Sheffield University...^_^v
so on 28th of January he was here in London!! yeay~ :D

he was supposed to stay at his friend's house but unfortunately, due to some miscommunication between them, so they stay at my house for 2 days yo! hee~

since my house  is a studio room type, therefore its quite crowded for them to stay at my house...just imagine 5 of them stay in a room...ppffttt~~
at first, my receptionist didn't allow them to stay here, but since I am quite close with almost everyone of them, I have a little talk with the guy that was on duty that day...thats the perk if you are close with your receptionist *_^v

at the end, I manage to persuade him after a private talk with him *ehem2*
I just need to make sure that there is no complaint from my neighbors because T&C of my studio is that I can't bring more than 2 quests per night and CHILDREN are not allowed!!! T_T

Alhamdulillah, everything went well ^_^
eventhough after the event, the receptionist call me a troublemaker...wuwuwu~~

okay back to the story, they landed around 6 pm, I brought them to my house and they have a nice rest after that... ",

the next day, around 1pm I brought them to MARA office at Queensborough terrace at Queensway since my cousin wants to meet someone and pass some documents at the office...

I thought that it will only be for a while, but he took so long that we didn't manage to go somewhere else -_-'

so after he settled everything that need to be done, we have our dinner at Noodle Oodle just behind MARA building... :D

this is mine, roast duck rice! nyummmss~~
first time I tried duck we call it meat? :p
thanx Abang Ajis for the treat! ^^,

after the dinner, I brought them back to my house...
the next day they need to explore London by themselves since I have class from afternoon till evening...-_-' they just got lucky that the day before I have no class...hehehe...

just before I let them go, I brought them to see my campus with the purpose that they can perform their prayers and then continue their journey to Oxford I know that its hard to find a place to pray at Oxford Street

I give them the direction to go to Oxford Street from East Acton station...I ask them to kill times there while I'm having my class...with the intention that after the class I will meet them at Oxford Street and bring them to China Town to see Jackie Chan wax statue since its Chinese New Year BUT they were just unlucky that day that its raining heavily!!! T_T

since its too cold and raining, we decided to go back...haishhh~~

another incident happened! *pity them*
they supposed to go to Sheffield the next day but my bestie bought the wrong date departure ticket...aiyooo...hahaha...
since my receptionist already put the limit only 2 nights they can stay at my house, I need to find a temporary room for a one night stand...luckily that my housing area full with Malay community...some of the families run room renting services with a cost of 30 pound per they stay there while their luggage are still at my house...Alhamdulillah~ ^_^

around 9 am the next day, I send them to Kings Cross station since they took train to go to Sheffield...there is cheap bus to go to Sheffield, but since there are kids and with tons of big luggages, I advice them to take train instead of bus ^^,

InsyaAllah we will meet more frequent after this! hehe...


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