Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Winter Walk for GAZA in London! :D


have you heard about Winter Walk for GAZA before?
if not, no worry, its famous in UK...haha @_@

an annual event held by Muslim Hands UK organisation to help thousands of children in GAZA...

their main aim are to:

1) Gather need for pychosocial and medical support
2) Equip Al-Durrah Paed Hospital with medical care instruments

people who sign up with them then will help the organisation to raise fund thru either door to door fundraising or the easiest way is thru personal online fundraising isn't it? ^_^v

and so I sign up for the program and I even created my own online fundraising page... ^_*'

as to show support for this program, they held a walk around UK such as in London, Leicester, Manchester and Birmingham...
in London they held it at Hyde Park...@_@
can you imagine how big is the park? and we need to walk around the park? fuuhhh~~ -_-'

the venue at Hyde Park ^_^

upon reaching the venue, we need to register first...

according to our surname...but my surname doesn't start with Z!! arrghh...haha
maybe they mistaken thought that ZAHIRRAH is my father's name...hasiihhh -_-'

after the registration I received my goody bag...yehaa~~
contain a mineral water bottle, banana and a pamphlet + route map for the walk... ", 

the yellow box is the route for the 5 miles walk...pffft~@_@
half of the whole Hyde Park...wowowooo...I told you its big~

I came in 1 hour early...fuh~
thanks to the banana, it provides me with energy since I didn't take any breakfast that morning...kah3! whatthe?!~

while waiting for the walk to start, I take the opportunity to mingle around...
there were many Malaysian including Indonesian people that join the walk...wee~~ *happy!*
some are students and interestingly the Indonesian people that I saw were from one organisation...but I forgot the name...haha...

exactly at 11 am the walk start...there goes 5 miles of walking ^_^v

its impossible if a park without a lake right? :D
while walking I stumble upon a beautiful lake full of swans and ducks! weeee~~ ^_^v
since there was no food to feed those ducks and swans, I plan to come again and feed them! when??? erm....depends on my schedule...hahaha... :p

YES!!!! finally!!! final 1 mile~~ppffttt *_*'

Alhamdulillah I manage to finish the walk...don't ask how many minutes...
because so far that I can remember it took me hours to finish the walk...kah3!
I reach the final line around 1.15 pm...:P

so sad because there was no FINISH banner at the finishing line...haishh~~

I didn't expect at all that they will prepare lunch for us...nyummmy~~ :D
but Alhamdulillah, someone donated a delicious turkey wrap for this event... ^_^v
may He bless that person...ameen~~~ :D

not only that, right after Zuhur prayer, 
there were performances from the!!!

souvenir from the organiser...yeay!! Alhamdulillah... ^_^'
at last I manage to get a certificate in UK...kih3!! *yes*

and last but not least..........................

a giant balloon~~ hihi... ^_'
this balloon intrigue my bestie...
because she was so shy to take the balloon from the banner, I took it for her...
and she ask me to hold the balloon until we reach the station...kah3...
but sadly we can't bring it along with us since it's too big and its too windy that time that I can't manage to control the balloon...
at last, I gave it to one family at the park... -_-'

the funny thing is that the mother ask me how much do I sell it...ha?? kah3!!!

I hope that this event will continue in the future...even though I would not be here next time they held it, I will still support this program from far...
thank you to the organiser for the great experience that I gained from this event...
the least that I can do for my brothers and sisters in GAZA was this...........

Bye~ ^_^

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