Thursday, 10 April 2014

Oyster 18+ card ^_^v


I knew about the oyster 18+ card from my bestie because she used the card...I knew it quite a long time ago since I came here the first few days...but I am not interested to bought 1 because I knew I am not going to use the card because I will not commute everyday either by bus or tube since it took me only 10 minutes to walk to my bestie have 1 because she needs to commute from her accommodation to Hammersmith campus everyday...ngee~~

oyster 18+ card is very useful for students if you commute everyday either by bus or by using that card, you can top up your card £54 every month and you have limited excess for buses or £80 per month you can have limited excess for buses and tubes...this is a very special rate for students only...FULLTIME STUDENTS =_=v

I used the normal oyster card because after I calculate everything, I will not use up until £54 per month...I will only use my oyster card if I need to go somewhere during I stick with the normal oyster card...

the oyster card that I used before belong to my bestie's cousin...wee~~

BUT, I dont know what happen to the card or the way I am using it, I had been charged quite a few times with the balance of negative £!! pffttt~~ @_@

the 1 incidence that I can remember was I just top up £5 the morning before I took train to go to my house from my bestie house in Clapham Junction...when I want to use it again for a bus from Shepherd Bush tube station to my house, the machine in the bus display that I dont have enough balance inside my card! what the???!! logically the charge from Clapham Junction to Shepherd Bush is just £2.20 during peak hours and £1.5 during off peak...since I commute that day at peak hour, so the balance in my card should be £3.80 (because I have £1 balance in my card before I top up £5)...and so to make sure that the machine inside the bus wasn't broken, I check the balance at Nisa local shop at my house...the balance was £-1.5 @_@' haiyooo~~~

I knew then that I need to change the oyster card...I can't keep losing my money like that...and so I thought of getting one 18+ oyster card...I dont know why I trust the student card then the normal card...hahaha...

yeay!! Alhamdulillah I have my own oyster card...haha
just received it today ^_^'

the expiry date will follow your study course duration...since my master is only for 1 year (starting September last year), so it will expire this September...-_-'
some people may say that its such a waste because I only have few months left...but I bought that for a few reasons...ngee~~~

1. I need the card as my gift from London

2. as a proof that I am a student in London

2. since Ramadhan is approaching, I need the card to buy the monthly £54 top up because I need to go to Shepherd Bush to perform my Tarawikh...thats the nearest mosque to my house

valid reasons??? kah3!! ^^,

Bye~ ^_^v

p/s: tomorrow both my supervisors will not be in the lab...yeay~~ I can do my lab work without any disruption...makes me nervous everytime they stand beside me watching me do my lab work... ^_^

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