Monday, 7 April 2014

My Bestie Birthday Celebration!! ngee~~


05/04/2014 was a special day for my bestie as that was her 26th birthday!


so I have plan few memorable things that I can do for her under my budget...coz its too mainstream to spend my money according to my wish in London...everything is too expensive...sigh~~ -_-"

few days before her birthday she requested to watch Rio 2 as that movie will be released a day before her birthday which is on 4/4/2014! 
so we plan to watch the movie and then celeb her big day after we came back from the movie...since my house is near to Westfield (coz they have Vue), so everything were set up to be at my house...the only thing that she doesn't know is that I have prepared 2 surprises for her...wee~~

I gave the priority to her to buy the movie tix...unfortunately, Rio 2 tix selling out too fast at Vue and so we switched to Captain America: The Winter Soldier :D

its written there as xtreme viewing...I thought its like a normal tix but then my bestie told me that xtreme viewing have more actions than the normal tix...the difference? I don't know much exactly but what do I know, xtreme viewing is expensive!!! hahaha

we plan everything to be at night since birthday girl will be late from her lab work...the movie started at 9pm and ended at 11.40pm which is just nice to celeb her birthday during midnight...

this is one of the surprise!! ngee~~
chocolate sponge cake...nice though...worth every penny I invest...kih3
BUT....only 1 prob...the bakery misspelled my bestie name...sorri bestie!! kui3 ^_^v

since I already bought a 8' cake, so to top up our tit bits for the celeb, the birthday girl requested KFC...on her way back to my house, she bought a bucket of 14 chickens!!
you guys must be wondering how can the two of us finish it all?? kah3!!

thats where my second surprise came...I invite my new friend who is also a Malaysian who coincidentally living in the same building as me...she met my bestie like around 2 weeks before in the lift when she stayed overnight at my house...

oh the girl with green scarf is our friend during our undergraduate in Malaysia...but she is studying at Kings College...hehe =_="

I celebrate the birthday at my common room area...thats why you can see there is a huge tv behind it ^_^v

and my favvy photo...sweet aint??? huhu (duh I look fat! argh~)

while eating, we chit chatting...the chit chatting session was more like a ice breaking session to know each other better since even I don't know much about my the middle of chit chatting session, my family wants to skype with I left them and join them afterwards...

we sits there for quite a long time until my neighbour excuse herself around 1.30am but we still sit there a lil bit longer...done with chit chatting, we play inside the common common room is equipped with lots of games such as UNO card, scrabble, snooker, ping pong any many more board games which I am not familiar with...deng~~

see...I'm playing snooker ^_^v
I know the way I'm holding it is wrong...wuwuwuw~~

we were enjoying ourselves until 3.30am then we headed back to my was such a blessful, happening and full of fun night for me...I am also so happy that at last I can held a small celeb for my is one of my wishlist when I came here...would be a memory that I wont forget forever~~

Dear bestie: I hope you like the celebration that I throw for are the best buddy I have ever met in my change myself from bad to good (you know what I mean)...I have consider you more like a sister@soulmate...I have put you in a special place in my heart...I hope, our friendship last until jannah...muah...muah...muah!!! *_*v

Bye~ ^_^v 

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