Thursday, 17 April 2014

Big Lobster on Sunday ^^. yum~


on Saturday I had crepe as the meal of the day...

on Sunday on the other hand, I had LOBSTER as my meal of the day *happy3!*

the plan came out unexpectedly on Saturday bestie saw our friend post her pix with a big lobster in FB...when she asked me whether we wana try, instantly I said there goes our plan on Sunday...

ME & LOBSTER! ^_^v

looks yummy right? with 1 whole plate like that, consist of 1 BIG LOBSTER, 1 pot of fries, 1 bowl of salad and 1 bowl of the gravy, it costs us £20 ONLY!! 

we choose ice lemon tea with apricot + lime + etc...hehe... £4.50
the taste is nice tough...^_^

there are 2 options on how you want your lobster to be...its either grilled lobster or steamed lobster...since there are only 2 options, so I took the grilled lobster while my bestie took the other one...both taste so yummy~~~~ :D

you worried that you might leave any unwanted stain on your shirt while eating at this restaurant? NO NEED TO! 
this is the first restaurant I went to that gave all its customer an compulsory to have an apron while eating seafood with hard shells like lobster, crab, etc because you might not realise what happen to your shirt after you eat..kah3!

cool isn't? I love the design as well...really simple :)

btw my apron still clean& clear after I eat...lalala ^^,

the restaurant is called Burger & Lobster 

people are queuing....T_T 

situated at 29 Clarges St, London W1J7EF 

we were so lucky that day because we came in exactly during the opening time which is at 12 noon...we didnt knew actually the opening time of the friend told me that usually you need to queue...and the queue line usually is soooo avoid that, dont come in the evening...hahaha... ^_^

total up, we only spend £55.13

2 sets of lobster and 2 for me its so worthy...eventhough I can get way cheaper than that at Sabah, Malaysia... ^_^v

Bye~ ^_^v 

p/s: everybody is at home for Easter break...I'm the only Msc students who is sooo passionate about lab work who is still in the lab TODAY! hahaha...neway, happy easter break to pre-term people!!!

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