Sunday, 13 April 2014

Meeting Ustaz Zahazan in London..ngee~~ ^^,


this is an unplanned meeting with Ustaz Zahazan... =D

early in the Wednesday morning I received a call from my cousin from I mentioned before that my cousin is in UK because his wife is doing her post-doc in Sheffield Uni...

he asked me to help one of his friend who is in I was like okay~~
then suddenly he mentioned that his friend is actually Ustaz Zahazan...what???!! haha
so he wants me to help him to buy a ticket from London to Sheffield for Ustaz since my cousin is actually Ustaz bestfriend...what a small world indeed~~ ^^,

since Ustaz stayed at one of my friend house which is only 10 minutes walking distance from my house AND coincidentally I am free that morning since my lab start in the noon, so I went to the house that he is's not that the owner of the house couldn't buy the ticket, but they also haven't done it to search for the online ticket...cheapest ticket...hehe..

after searching for the ticket then suddenly Ustaz couldn't make it to Sheffield after consulting my cousin thru phone...because his schedule was quite tight...he is actually in London for some meeting and matters regarding his books...thats why you can see I'm holding his best selling books! hehe
NO, I don't get those books for free...haha...sooo many people asked me whether I get those books for free from Ustaz! -_-' I'm so shy to ask 1~~ huhu

after chit chatting for a while with Ustaz and another person who is with him (PA? don't know), I ask for a photo together and he left for a meeting...just a short unplanned meeting with him...I'm happy though because he is the only famous Ustaz I have ever met in my life...huhu...I'm hoping of meeting UAI in the future...^_^

Bye~ ^_^

p/s: sad because yesterday I can't attend one of the program that I have been longing to join...received the invitation few minutes before its being time Malaysia~~ 

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