Monday, 20 January 2014

Fantastic Experience as an RA! weee~~


before I came to London I was working as a Research Assistant (RA) in University Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre (UKMMC) in Malaysia... ^^,

its a contract base and I started on March 2013-August 2013...its only for 6 months but all I can say is that I had the greatest time of my life there!! wee~~ (^_^)v

basically as an RA, you just need to make sure the project that you are running for your boss are on track + on schedule...all in one you are playing double, triple roles!! you are the financial controller + secretary + administrator + bla...bla...bla...multitasking yo!! thats why I love this job!

the BEST part in my job is that I can TRAVEL~~!!! ngee~ (^_^)"
so far in 6 months I have travel to Pulau Pinang and Kuantan...but yeah its strictly research trip hokey~! hehe
usually I will travel with one of my bossES! bosses??? haha...hell yeah I have 5 bosses! surely you will be wondering why on earth I have so many bosses...but no!!!....I am not going to will take a looootttttt of space in my blog! :p hahah....

my boss which I usually went trip with is AWESOME!!!!..and yeah we still keep contact with each other at least once a week...miss her already!  (-_-)'

the red arrow is her! haha... (^_*)
this is when we were in Pulau Pinang...the best part is that we have the same thinking!! we like to try new we try this food stall because there were so many people at this stall!! fuh~~ and guess what? end up the food is awesome! (^_^)v

this one on the other hand is in Kuantan!

do you spot the similarity??! (^^)"

its all about FOOD!!! and we both like to EAT!! hahha...  :D no wonder we click so much! (^^)v

my another boss treat me lunch at The Garden during my birthday~muahhh. :D 

with my boss (red arrow) and my other colleagues... (^_^)v

this was during Eid Fitr~~

I got 3 envelopes of angpau from my bosses!! yeay!!!! (^_^)v

now then I realise that I don't have photo with my BIG BOSS!!
 aarrrggghhh how frustrating is that!!! -_-

there are many other sweet and memorable experiences that I gained while working there...most of it will be kept in my heart and memory forever~~~ ^^,



p/s: I accidentally deleted all my farewell party photo!!! aarrggghhhh why did I do that???? (-_-)"

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