Friday, 17 January 2014

My First Parcel in London! Yeay! *_*


I think I need to revert back my blog in English...haha...some of my friends are complaining they can't enjoy reading my blog since it is in Malay...because I have bunch of International friends thanx to #AYVP and #IIUM...what they can do is enjoying the pics w/out knowing the story line~ pity them (-_-)' 

since English is the universal language, anybody can read it, and I can get higher traffic~eh!! haha (^_*)v
therefore, I will be writing more in English in the future compared to Malay language...pls don't run from my blog because of this!! mih3~ :D

back to the topic!...
after 3 months I live here in London, at last I receive my first parcel! yeay!!!! (^^)'
before this I am so jealous when other residents in my house collect their parcel at the receptionist area...I was so devastated knowing that nobody wants to send anything to me~ silly feeling actually! i know...i know...  (-_-)

when suddenly I received a slip of parcel collection in my mail box...I can get rid the feeling now for forever!! haha...I can rest for peace...hahha (^_^)v  
eventho the parcel is under my name...the content is actually for my friend in Malaysia...she bought something from Amazon and Pumpkin Patch

come check it out what she bought! :D

oh I forgot to mention that she is a pregnant don't be too surprise of what she bought ^_* 

the other thing that she bought are baby clothes from Pumpkin Patch...honestly speaking, this is the first time I heard about it when she ask me to buy for her...kah3!! #aptb
same like Amazon, Pumpkin Patch also didn't ship their product to since I'm here, she uses my service! eh! :p 

one thing I like about Pumpkin Patch is that their clothes are SUPER DUPER CHEAP!
so guys, if you have any friends or relatives in UK, ask their help to buy for you...seriously speaking it's cheap man!!! 
sounds like I'm promoting Pumpkin Patch isn't it?? haisshhh...haha...since I am too lazy to summarize to you how cheap it is, you guys can just click my Pumpkin Patch link above...hehehe... (^_^)

despite the price are very cheap, the quality is TIP TOP!! :D so no worry...
and yeah they only sell baby clothes and some teenage clothes as well...sadly no womens wear... (-_-)' hahha...



p/s: yeay tomorrow is weekend!! but just receive assignment! da**!~ (-_*)'

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