Sunday, 19 January 2014

Shipping my goodies to Malaysia!~ :D


since I bought few stuffs during Boxing Day for my family, and my friend bought maternity items from Amazon and Pumpkin Patch, I need to ship all those items as soon as possible! ^_^

not to say that I want it to be ship because it took a lot of space in my room (sure it did actually..haha..ooopss!! :p)...but the main reason is because my friend who bought maternity items need those items asap since she's expecting to deliver her baby in late March! wee~~(I'm sooo excited actually because she's my besties *_*)

so I have been searching the best shipping company from UK to Malaysia since then! 

and tadaaaaa~~~ I stumble upon this company..........

I made some research in the internet and asking around Malaysian community here...and sort of this is the best company if you want to ship your parcel from UK to Malaysia! 

what made me convince to use their service is because this is actually a Malaysian company! 

PAL = Perintis Alaf Logistik! (^_^)v

they have variety of services to offer actually from sea freight and air freight...since air freight is much more expensive, I took the risk of using sea freight! hehe...

my family members and my friend just need to wait for 6-8 weeks for the box to be delivered in-front of their door step! (^_*) yeah you heard me, door step!! so no hustle to go down to the harbor place to collect the box...wee~~ :P

since the items that I want to send is not that much, therefore I take the smallest box that they have...30 kg economy box! :D

is it big????

quite big that it took all the space under my study table...!! pfftt! (-_-)"

the total that I need to pay is just 43 pound ! fuh~
cheap??? I don't know...but people say that it is! ermmmmmmm!! haha  :p

not only they ship to Malaysia, they even go all around to France, Germany, Singapore, China, Holland and Hong Kong!! wowwww~~  :D I wonder how much money they make!!! hahaha  ^^,

since I am not being paid to be their ambassador, hahahah... (^^)'

you can just click to their website PAL Shipping... :D

so far their actions and services are very efficient! and satisfying! 

more about it, need to wait until my box safely arrived in front of my house door step in Malaysia...haha..  (^_^) till then.......see ya!!  

p/s: not feeling well today~ (-_-)'

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