Saturday, 18 January 2014

Marks & Spencer Hot Chocolate! Nyum~~


since I came here, I have found my new addiction!


one day, my friend serves me an amazing hot chocolate drink I have ever taste! seriously! although it sounds a bit exaggerated...haha... (-_-)' since then, whenever I go to her house, I will pretend as if I can't drink any other beverages other than hot choc! *sori friend!*  :p

when it seems to me that I can't resist to have my own hot choc in my house, I search for it...

tada!! yeay!!!!  (^_^)v

no wonder its soooooo delicious! haha...MARKS & SPENCER product yo!!!  (^^,)"
only cost you 2.15 pound...for me, its sooo reasonable... :D

best serves while you are doing your assignment...haha ^^,

actually, previously I had a bad experience with hot chocolate...  :(
thats the first time I taste hot chocolate drink from a brand named Ca*****...few minutes after I drank it, I got a bad rashes all over my neck area! fuh~~ you can imagine your neck turn into a burned shrimp colour! thats the turning point where I don't even look at any other hot choc product! (^_*) 

but now I have found mine!! hehe...maybe will bring few of this hot choc when I'm back for good! :D


p/s: waiting for my parcel to be shipped to Malaysia~~ :D will create new entry for this...

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