Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Doughnut yeay!!! ^^,


after a looooooooonng craving for doughnut, at last today I found HALAL doughnut! yeay!! yeay!!

3 for 1 pound! yummy~~~

don't say that it's easy to bake! :p

I did try to bake my own doughnut when the craving started...
the flour that I bought can't be use to bake doughnut!!! arrrgghhh....tension! @_@
and now the flour rested firmly in my kitchen cabinet... (-_-)'

AND I'm still searching for the right flour....(^_^)v
once I made it...will announce it to the whole world!! pfft~ haha

back to the doughnut above...heheheh....  :D
since only few flavours were available, I snatch 2 choc flavour and 1 custard filling *I thought!!!*

when I eat it........

its blueberry filling flavour...hahahha!! ^_^

owwwhh I want custard doughnut!!!...huhu~


p/s: yeay no class on Thursday and Friday! hehe~

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